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‘Crone’ comes from the word crown indicating wisdom emanating from the head.

Hello gorgeous person,

Relevance of a Crone reads like a loving Cosmic Guide meets True Confessions meets that brazen woman on the corner with a megaphone.

My newsletter is a space to explore all the parts of being an older woman that no one talks about in ‘polite’ company. I open minds to what’s possible when you don’t stay hidden, small and afraid.

Patriarchal Capitalism says that once a woman is past her child bearing years she’s insignificant and should fade away without complaint. I say the opposite is true. Once we hit that age, we’re finally able to live as the queen that we are.

I talk about ways that astrology, ascension and current energies are working with us to break free from anything that keeps us from knowing just how powerful we are.

And, I’m calling in fellow crones to dish the truth of being a woman with me. Let’s come together as a community of open-hearted souls, all of us cheering for each other. We do that in the comments section of my newsletter when you’re a subscriber.

Writing this newsletter on Substack gives me the ability to speak freely without being censored and also work on a playing field with no hierarchies. I’m initiating myself into the Sacred Economy right here folks. Hello!

I’d love to have you join me.

Big love, Kimberly

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Hi, I'm Kimberly. Diving into the heart of what really matters to wise women through the lens of my lived experience as an astrologer, artist and mother.


Kimberly Millstone

I'm a writer, artist and 5D astrologer intent on spreading magic wherever I go.